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Karen Ogden, CPDT-KA




Since 2005, offering experienced, knowledgeable reinforcement based dog training on Martha's Vineyard for companion and competition dogs.

Recommended island wide by veterinarians, especially for issues involving fear or reactivity.

Positive reinforcement training is not just for 'nice dogs' - it is a proven, scientifically based process which engages both the learner and the trainer in a meaningful conversation while prompting respect and building a strong working relationship.

Do you need help?
* with a puppy Piranha who's determined to eat your ankles?
* a shy dog who growls when people try to pet?
* want more enjoyable walks on leash with your dog?
* wish your dog would not dive towards every piece of rubbish?

Let me help you achieve your training goals!
Call or email today for more information.

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(508) 693-3708
email: prdogtraining01@gmail.com



457a State Road
(Woodland Center)
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

hours by appointment

coaching people how to train their dogs - successfully! without force. 
Certified trainer since 2007 . Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers . AKC CGC Evaluator

Would you like help ....
* with your new puppy or rescue?
* information on choosing a dog for your family?
* concerned because your dog growls at you or others?
* to train basic manners around the house?
* information and training to enter competition sports with your dog?

With over 24 years of experience working with dogs, I can help you achieve your goals and build a better relationship with your dog.

Group classes offered:
These classes are small which allows for great individual interaction and detailed instruction for each individual team.

Beginning level
* Puppy HeadStart - for puppies 10 - 18 weeks of age
* Obedience Basics - for graduates of PHS or dogs5 months and older

Specialty classes
* Sniffer Dog - scent detection work for fun or competition!
* Competition Obedience


Individual Sessions

Looking for private training? Whether you want to target specific subjects or are interested in general training, I can help you attain your goals. Thinking that more than one or two session might be useful? Check into my Training Packages - Train more, learn more and Save more!  Discounts start at three scheduled sessions.

* Great Beginnings! - starting out right with your puppy or rescue
* General obedience - for better a behaved dog
* Back - to - School - just about anything such as ....a dog who pulls while on leash?,...seems to thinks Come means Go Away ?
* Behavior Modification - does your dog bark or lunge at moving objects? People coming to your house? Other dogs?  You can learn not only how to keep your dog under-threshold and calmer, but how to teach your dog to independently choose other ways to behave.   Recommended by Island Veterinarians.
* Scent Detection - whether your interest is simply to provide another game for your dog, competition or a desire to learn more about how dogs detect and locate using their "scensitive" , contact me.

For more information or to register for a class or schedule an appointment contact me today
email: prdogtraining01@gmail.com
phone: (508) 693 3708

Train more, learn more, save more! one on one training sessions

Train more! : Reach your training goals faster by investing in a series of training sessions. Training sessions are individually tailored to fit both your interests as well as your dog's individual personality.  Scheduled sessions are flexible - whether you desire the consistency of meeting every Thursday at 3 pm, or the option of different times on different days.

Learn more! : both you and your dog will benefit from the one-on-one experience. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach to teaching, you'll experience training which "fits" your dog - whether your dog is out going, confident, overly demanding, shy, reactive or fearful. 

Save more! : watch your savings grow when you purchase and schedule 3 or more training sessions              
3-5 individual classes - save 5%
6+ individual classes - save 10%


Available for puppy or basic training as well as specialty sessions including scent detection and behavior modification issues.

contact me for more information today and start on the path towards a better behaved dog!


Upcoming class schedule

Thank you for your interest in attending a class! Pre-registration is required for class attendance.

To register for a class, send an email to :prdogtraining01@gmail.com

Places within a class are filled on a first come, first served basis so it is advisable to complete your registration form and return it as soon as possible. Once your registration is received, you will be notified - please make certain that your contact information is correct.

Basic Policies
*  If your dog has space issues with people or other dogs , a group class may not be the best option for a great learning experience. If your think this might apply to your dog, please contact me and we can work to help your dog overcome his or her issues with the world.

Most group classes meet at The Training Center , 457A State Road (Woodland Center, lower level) , Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Visitors are always welcome (without dog) to observe a class - plan to arrive 10 minutes before a class start so as not to interrupt a class in session.

Attending a class? Check below for important class information.

All my classes are taught using positive reinforcement training; if you are unfamiliar with this type of training or simply curious as to its effectiveness feel free to stop by and audit a class in session.  Auditors are always welcome, but must leave their dogs within their vehicles or at home to prevent disruption to a class in session.

Required Vaccinations for classes
* current on all vaccinations including rabies as recommended by your veterinarian
* bring a copy of your dog's vaccination record with you to your first class (required for attendance)

* your dog needs to be comfortable working near other dogs and people without barking, lunging or growling
* if your dog has difficulty calming down in a group class setting, we will set up individual training for you and your dog for the balance of your class session.

Equipment for classes
* flat collar or harness
* flat 4-6 foot leash +  20-25ft long line (Puppy HeadStart & Obedience Basics)
* clean up bags for your dog
* bait bag or pocket large enough to hold training rewards for your dog

Payment for classes, refunds for classes
* payment is due in full at time of first class. Personal checks or cash is accepted.
* Once class has begun, a refund is not available. If you are not familiar with the principles of positive reinforcement training , stop in to watch a class in session.
If you do not agree with the concept of using food or toys as a training tool, you will need to find another trainer.

Family Members
*are welcome to come and help train! Children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian

Cell phone use during class
Unless it is a family or medical emergency, please turn off your cell phone during class or place on vibrate.  Texting during class is not permitted. Your politeness will be appreciated!


Getting Started - beginning level classes for dogs of all ages!

Puppy HeadStart     for puppies 12 - 18 weeks of age.    6 weeks      $ 205.00
Welcome to the world of the puppy!  

New class sessions start on the following dates! - early registration is suggested as classes can fill quickly             

April:    16            11:30am     no class   5/28
             28            6 pm

June    27            6 pm

week 1 : Education class for puppy owners ( no dogs): learn how dogs learn so you can achieve a better behaved puppy by avoiding common errors . This class will run 90 minutes, all other classes in this series will last an hour.
 weeks 2-6:  Working with your puppy - learn how to teach your puppy to calm down ( by himself), handle frustration without puppy temper tantrums, beginning obedience as well as a better understanding of what is socialization and why you must make this a priority for your puppy, now.


Obedience Basics  for dogs 5 months and older or Puppy Head Start graduates     6 weeks   $210.00
Learn how to have a better behaved dog in 6 weeks through the magic of reinforcement training.           

New class sessions start on the following dates! - early registration is suggested as classes can fill quickly

April:     5     6 pm
              16     10am        no class 5/28

May        9    6pm           no class 5/30
June      11   11:30am      no class 6/25

 week 1 : Education class for the human end of the leash (no dogs): learn how dogs learn so you can become a more effective teacher for your dog. We'll be working with a demo dog to help guide you through the week 1 homework games so you'll have the skills to become a more effective teacher!
 weeks 2-6: Working with your dog - each week's class builds off the previous week's games and skills.  You'll be amazed the changes in your dog's attitude towards working with you as well as learning a lot about dog behavior!


Ready, Set. Run to Me !   for dogs of all ages - teaching a more reliable come when called        5 weeks   $150.00
Want to work on your Come when called in an outside setting?  We'll start off with basic foundation work to build focus & increase motivation and move on to progressively more challenging exercises. Dogs need to be comfortable with the presence of other dogs - this is not a class for reactive dogs.

June 11       9:30am      no class 6/25


Walk with Me    for dogs of all ages - how to teach your dog to walk better while on leash     4 weeks   $100.00
Learn how to build better skills for more enjoyable walks with your dog.  Dogs need to be comfortable with the presence of other dogs - this is not a class for reactive dogs.    

July 20      6 pm                       




508 693 3708

Positive Rewards dog training
PO Box 1618, West Tisbury, MA 02575




Let me introduce you to the amazing world of reinforcement based training.

I have been working with dogs since 1992 when I first began training my own dog for looking for missing persons. Jacob, a Golden Retriever, opened my eyes and my mind to the world as a dog understands it , through scent .  Jake and later Orion, another Golden were instrumental in helping me develop and grow as a trainer .

In 2005, I decided to tap into the experience and knowledge I had gained through learning how to train independent thinking working dogs and I started my dog training business, Positive Rewards. I became a certified trainer in 2007 and have maintained my certification  since that time.

I strongly believe in the power of positive training. I enjoy helping others learn how to not only communicate their training desires effectively, but more importantly, teach owners how to listen to what their dogs are “telling’ them about the training conversation. I want the dog or any other animal I am training to be an interactive, willing participant in the training conversation .

It is training without a fear of failing.

Let me help you create a better behaved dog-  even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Thanks for stopping by to say hello -

Karen Ogden, CPDT-KA
AKC CGC Evaluator
member National Association for Canine Scent Work (NACSW)
trial photographer NACSW